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Bed bug dogs: What you need to know

Bed bug dogs can be highly effective in detecting an infestation of parasitic bugs, but only if their handler is knowledgeable, experienced, and familiar with how the canine responds when exposed to the odor of blood-sucking insects.

What is the most effective step for you to take if you suspect that you may have an infestation in your house or your place of business and are unsure how to proceed? Calling in a professional pest control service around you that makes use of bed bug dogs to sniff out and locate the source of your parasite infestation is a tried-and-true strategy that has a good track record. These dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell that helps them to locate the source of the bed insect issue that you are having in your home. Because dogs have such an incredible sense of smell, humans have been using them for hunting, tracking, and locating corpses for years. These days, dogs are even being taught to sniff out bed bugs.

When looking for a pest control company specializing in canine inspection for bed bugs, you should first verify that the company has all of the necessary licenses and insurance coverage for the state in which you are situated. You might also consider inquiring about the company’s references. When working with pest control, a significant number of their clients, including you, may choose to maintain their anonymity. If this is your situation, you should inquire as to whether or not the service provided by these bed bug professionals is discrete. When you choose a pest control company that is reputable and discreet, you can expect them to arrive in an unmarked vehicle and not wear any uniforms that are advertising their business.

In addition to the training these blood-sucking insect-discovering dogs go through, the handler’s bond with the dog is a vital factor to consider when selecting a canine service. Is it the case that the dog’s handler went through training with the dog, or did they purchase a trained dog? Many of the very best dog handlers for bed bugs also have a personal bond with the dogs they work with. Most of the time, the person who handles the dog is also the dog’s owner, and the two of them live together. This makes it possible for the pest control specialist to identify subtle changes in the dog’s behavior, which will lead to the discovery of your parasite infection.

When understanding what the bed bug dog inspection comprises, it is essential to consider specific considerations. In the beginning, you should inquire about the dog’s training, its success rate, and whether it will take more than one visit to eliminate your bed insect issue. In most instances, it will take more than one visit to eradicate your infestation.

Will you need to prepare for the examination of your home to check for parasites? One last item to think about is how the inspection is carried out. If you hire a pest control company to do the eradication, some of them will perform the inspection at no cost to you. If a bed bug infestation is discovered, does the firm also provide treatment to eliminate the parasites?

Does the person guiding the dog through the inspection of your home for these parasites make a point of clearly marking the areas that are infested? It is imperative that the dog handler visually verifies every target that the dog is alerted to. When the inspection is over, you should ask the pest control firm if they can provide you with some paperwork detailing what they found and what course of action should be taken.

When handled by a trained professional who has a personal relationship with the canine and knows the dog as his best friend, bed bug dogs can be very effective at locating the source of your parasitic infestation. However, this is only the case if the professional is familiar with the canine personally.

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