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What Types Of Commercial Cleaning Services Are Available?

Commercial cleaning services are usually contracted out to perform cleaning jobs at various premises throughout a business. A typical contract will detail the type of work to be done, who is going to be doing it and how often. The exact nature and frequency of the work may change depending on what the customer wants done, but the main structure of a commercial cleaning contract remains the same. This article aims to clarify the complex world of commercial cleaning contracts, and set out some of the key features to look out for.

Perhaps one of the most important features to look out for is clear communication from the outset. Commercial cleaning services are usually run on very tight budgets and can often be quite busy in terms of the number of rooms and spaces they have to cover. To ensure that all parties are happy with the process, it’s important that clear instructions are communicated from the start. Don’t assume that everyone will know exactly what is expected of them – it’s better if everyone knows what is required of them, and has been told so clearly, than for problems to arise later down the line. If you’re not happy with the way the job is progressing, make sure you have an honest and open dialogue about it, as this is rarely a problem if your commercial cleaning services provider is transparent and honest.

Another important feature to watch for is how a professional cleaning service communicates with its customers. In a typical commercial space, there is likely to be many different rooms and spaces which need to be cleaned, so it’s vital that each room or area is given a name or label so that it’s easy to identify what needs to be cleaned. Good commercial cleaners will be clear about what rooms need to be cleaned, what furniture needs to be moved, who to contact if extra assistance is needed etc. Professional cleaning services will also give their customers’ specific expectations about how things should be cleaned, such as whether a room should be vacuumed dusted, or mopped; whether any surfaces should be scrubbed or cleaned; how carpets or rugs should be cleaned etc.

It can also be useful to ask for feedback before you commit to using any particular commercial cleaning services. In some cases, you may find that what you initially get is far more than you had expected. There are a number of factors which can affect how much a service provider will charge. Cleaners can differ in their level of skill, their knowledge of what equipment works best on what surfaces, and even what they are capable of doing in terms of specialised tasks such as flooring cleaning. It can be useful to know what these costs would be, and how much they are likely to vary from day to day. Some commercial cleaners offer a guarantee, although it’s worth remembering that the guarantee is merely a promise, and not a commitment to do work that will meet your exact requirements.

Medical facilities often face busy bee commercial cleaning services, because the nature of their work means that a lot of medical staff will have to use their cleaning services on a regular basis. Medical facilities are sometimes charged more than commercial cleaners in order to get an accurate measure of how much they are likely to spend on janitorial services. Again, you may wish to enquire about a guarantee, just to make sure that if it ends up being unable to meet your needs, that you will have an alternative in place. Some cleaning companies offer a 25-day guarantee, so if your janitors don’t meet their end of the bargain, they should be able to arrange alternative service.

Finally, it’s worth asking what types of commercial cleaning services include carpet spot clean ups. If your commercial property has a carpeted surface, spot clean ups could be a regular part of your weekly routine. Spot clean ups involve removing any dirt and spotting from a carpet, ensuring that it is disinfected and free from allergens. Regular spot clean ups are important because they help to maintain the healthiness of the carpet. Some cleaning companies may offer a spot clean up service at no extra cost, but check to make sure – it’s usually worthwhile paying a bit extra for peace of mind.

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